Our Favourite Recipes

French Toast

Ingredients :                      2 slices White Bread

                                          2 eggs

                                          5 fluid oz's Milk

                                          Pinch of Salt & Pepper  

                                          1 oz Butter

Method :              This is a quick, easy and tasty breakfast option.

      Heat a frying pan ( preferably non-stick ) on the stove top ( not to hot ) and add the butter. Whilst this is heating up mix in a bowl the eggs, milk and season with the salt and pepper, whisk until thoroughly mixed. Next cut the crusts of the white bread and cut each slice of bread into 3 fingers. Place the bread into the egg mix and leave to soak for a few minutes . Now your ready to cook, check your frying pan by dropping a tiny bit of your egg mix into it and if it starts to cook your in business. Place the bread into the pan carefully as not to splash yourself and cook until golden brown both sides. This is delicious served with maple syrup , honey , jams or just by itself.  

Important   :  If the French Toast comes out soggy it means that your pan wasn't hot enough or your bread was over soaked.                                                 



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